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Author: Canet Robern

Angularjs – radio button show weird action inside of ng-repeat

I have an array which has objects, comes from server. And I have to make list with this array. I want to set default value to each radio button, but only the last item has default value. Please see my code. <div id=”{{product.product_id}}” class=”item-box” ng-repeat=”product in cartProducts track by $index”> <div class=”radio-box”> <input type=”radio” name=”send_num” ng-checked=”product.isBasicNum” ng-click=”product.isBasicNum=true”> NumType A <input type=”radio” name=”send_num” ng-checked=”!product.isBasicNum” ng-click=”product.isBasicNum=false”> NumType B </div> <div class=”radio-box”> <input type=”radio” name=”send_res” ng-checked=”product.isImmediateSend” ng-click=”product.isImmediateSend=true”> SendType […]

How to set default value of select box with non-existed value in Angularjs

Maybe this can has duplicated or maybe there’s a way to solve this, but I couldn’t find any way to solve this. So please don’t be angry with my silly question and give me some information or way to solve this. Please see this fiddle. Set default value of select box What I want is, when I get array from http call, how to set default value of select box with the value which is […]

Angularjs, select Box create blank option at first always

I got some problems with selectbox. In my original code, I receive an object through $http calling, and that is like below. [ {key:’user_id’, value:’ID’}, {key:’user_name’, value:’Name’}, {key:’user_gender’, value:’Gender’}, {key:’user_phone’, value:’Phone’}, {key:’user_email’, value:’Email’}, {key:’user_birth’, value:’Birthday’}, ]; When I tried to put values of this object into option, it made ‘blank option’ automatically. To solve this, I saw two posts Angular JS Remove Blank option from Select Option Why does AngularJS include an empty option in […]

Angularjs after using ‘location replace’, duplicated pages remained

In my code, logics are executed like belows. Showing items list in main page. Click one item and move to detail page. I wanna change something, so click edit button and move to edit page Edit some and finish editing with click the confirm button. When click the button, execute $state.go(toGo, params, {location: ‘replace’}); Then move to detail page. Through these, location history has successive detail page How can I remove this successive pages in […]

Angularjs how to get browser history list?

I want to remove my history, so I use this code $state.go(toGo, params, {location: ‘replace’}) When I use this, I could remove the very last history. And my question is, how to remove history before the last removed page. For example, to see the content of an item, I move into detailPage Click edit Button to edit this item, and move into editPage. After I finish editing this, press finish Button, and move into detailPage […]