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Author: Canet Robern

Angularjs, select Box create blank option at first always

I got some problems with selectbox. In my original code, I receive an object through $http calling, and that is like below. [ {key:’user_id’, value:’ID’}, {key:’user_name’, value:’Name’}, {key:’user_gender’, value:’Gender’}, {key:’user_phone’, value:’Phone’}, {key:’user_email’, value:’Email’}, {key:’user_birth’, value:’Birthday’}, ]; When I tried to put values of this object into option, it made ‘blank option’ automatically. To solve this, I saw two posts Angular JS Remove Blank option from Select Option Why does AngularJS include an empty option in […]

Angularjs after using ‘location replace’, duplicated pages remained

In my code, logics are executed like belows. Showing items list in main page. Click one item and move to detail page. I wanna change something, so click edit button and move to edit page Edit some and finish editing with click the confirm button. When click the button, execute $state.go(toGo, params, {location: ‘replace’}); Then move to detail page. Through these, location history has successive detail page How can I remove this successive pages in […]

Angularjs how to get browser history list?

I want to remove my history, so I use this code $state.go(toGo, params, {location: ‘replace’}) When I use this, I could remove the very last history. And my question is, how to remove history before the last removed page. For example, to see the content of an item, I move into detailPage Click edit Button to edit this item, and move into editPage. After I finish editing this, press finish Button, and move into detailPage […]