How to get a list of files from FireBase Storage using AngularFire

I’ve got an Angular 12 app that is using Firebase storage to store some files in a directory. I implemented the integration with Firebase using the AngularFire solution. The docs on how to use the AngularFire storage functions don’t seem to include how to list all files in a directory. There are some docs on […]

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined

Working in Angular 12 and experiencing an error when I attempt to call a method within another method. Here’s an abstraction of what I’m dealing with (in TypeScript as I am in Angular doSomething() { this.doSomethingElse(“Myfirstname”, “Mylastname”) } doSomethingElse(firstname, lastname) { return (firstname + lastname) } When I run this I get a TypeError: Cannot […]

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Build issue after updating from Angular 7 to Angular 8

I recently updated a project from Angular 7 to Angular 8. When I go to build to prod I’m now getting the following error. ERROR in app/app.component.ts:7:36 – error TS2307: Cannot find module ‘@angular/router/src/router_module’. 7 import { routerNgProbeToken } from “@angular/router/src/router_module”; I’ve gone into the app.component.ts file to take a look at what the problem […]

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