Angularjs update – "@types/angular": "^1.6.50" to "@types/angular": "^1.8.2" multiple errors

I am trying to update "@types/angular" from "^1.6.50" to "^1.8.2" but I am getting lots of error while trying to run app. error TS2694: Namespace ‘angular’ has no exported member ‘translate’. node_modules/@types/angular-translate/node_modules/@types/angular/jqlite.d.ts:29:5 – error TS2375: Duplicate number index signature. 29 [index: number]: HTMLElement; node_modules/@types/angular-translate/node_modules/@types/angular/jqlite.d.ts:807:5 – error TS2717: Subsequent property declarations must have the same type. […]

By amethianil
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PDF Attachments with Japanese Characters get corrupt on downloading via Safari/Firefox using IOS

Any attachment with Japanese character in its name, when you try to download it in Safari/Firefox on any IOS device using Safari/Firefox convert the filename to something else(utf-8 encoding perhaps) and renders the file corrupt and does not render the correct PDF. The output file downloaded is not rendered as a pdf. The same works […]

By amethianil
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