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Author: Abdullah Sultan

app/no-app error using firebase

Having problems with firebase app initialization. Been looking for a solution for 2 days now. Still don’t understand what the problem is the firebase initialization seems to be fine but for some reason it still gives me the error. I referred to my old code which was using an older version of firebase and initialized all the js files accordingly and yet it was still giving me problems. Refer below for more information, I would […]

Jquery Datatables not displaying data properly with angular

Used ng-repeat with datatables but the output is a bit weird. It shows the data but then it says that there are no records to display. If I try to search, sort it just empties out the table all together. Following is my current code with a screen shot of what i’m getting in the table! HTML <table class=”table table-bordered bordered table-striped table-condensed datatable” id=”exTable” ui-jq=”DataTable” ui-options=”dataTableOpt”> <thead class=”lockedRecordsBg”> <tr> <th>Equipment</th> <th>System</th> <th>Description</th> <th>Group</th> </tr> […]

Datetime-local not working with firebase-database

I’m trying to insert 4 values into my firebase-database (Equipment, Type, start of downtime and end of downtime). The start and end of downtime values are in datetime-local. When I try inserting the values it only makes nodes for the first 2 values being equipment and type. I don’t know why its not inserting the datetime-local values. MY HTML <div class=”row”> <div class=”col-xs-12″> <div class=”form-group col-xs-6 col-xs-offset-3″ id=”equipList”> <label for=”selectequ”>Select Equipment</label> <select class=”form-control” id=”selectequ” data-ng-model=”equipment” […]

Child Class auto generates id when pushing data in firebase database

I am trying to push data into by firebase database using angularjs. I used the system as the key and then the equipment as the child, but when i push the data it generates a key and under that it stores the equipment. I want it to store my data like so: System -> Equipment1 -> Equipment2 -> Equipment3 System2 -> Equipment1 -> Equipment2 -> Equipment3 Here is my code: /*global angular*/ var app = […]