VS 2022 ASP.Net Angular – File Not Found Errors

I created a new ASP.Net Core Angular project in Visual Studio 2022 using the VS new template. Once I built the application the first time which in its turn runs npm install I see errors under the Error List VS window (please see the image below). This is happening in one of my existing projects […]

Angular async validator check unicity of input in database

I have an <input> where the user enter a value that is supposed to be unique in database. I want to check dynamically in the front-end if that value is unique or not. I want also to display an error message if the value is already stored in database. Source: Angular Questions

Cannot get ressource from java spring api, probably jpa malfunction

My application is an Angular web app getting ressource from a java api with hibernate and jpa. I am going to paste relevant code in order of execution, and then the error (even if the error is not explicit). Angular service calling back-end : const API_URL = ‘http://localhost:8080/communication/’; public getBugReports(): Observable<any> { return this.http.get(API_URL + […]

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