How to use the position relative in angular


i have this dropdown inside another one, but i want to put this second dropdown to the right, i’m trying use position relative like this in the scss

  position: relative;
  margin-right: 200px;

but it remains in the same place, and the margin-top works

        <div ngbDropdown>
          <li ngbDropdownToggle>
            <a class="dropdown-item">
              <i class="bi bi-box mx-2"></i>
              Meus Editais
          <div ngbDropdownMenu aria-labelledby="dropdownBasic1" class="bloco2">
            <button ngbDropdownItem>•  Lista de Meus Editais</button>
            <button ngbDropdownItem>•  Propostas Cadastradas para o Edital</button>
            <button ngbDropdownItem>•  Avaliação Propostas do Edital</button>


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