How to get material mat-autocomplete to allow as valid only a value that is in the option collection amd participate in reactive form validation?


I have a disabled button that I want enabled if the user types a valid value so every key stroke I need to see if it matches..

   <mat-form-field appearance="outline" style="width: 100%;">
                                <input matInput type="text" [formControl]="fcVendor" [matAutocomplete]="auto"
                                (keydown)="onKeyDownVendorInput($event)" (blur)="onBlurVendorInput()">
                                <mat-autocomplete #auto="matAutocomplete"
                                    <mat-option *ngFor="let selectedVendorString of autoFilter | async"
 onKeyDownVendorInput(event: KeyboardEvent) {

    let currentVendorValue = this.fgOrderForm.get('fcVendor').value;

    //find out if this value is in collection and trigger a custom validation maybe? 

  onBlurVendorInput() {
    // setTimeout(() => {
    //   if (!this.selectedVendor || ! || !== this.fgOrderForm.controls['fcVendor'].value) {
    //     this.fgOrderForm.controls['fcVendor'].setValue(null);
    //     this.selectedVendor = null;
    //   }
    // }, 1000);

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