How to chain api calls using rxjs?


I understand that there are lot of questions on the title’s subject but I wasn’t able to find clear and concise question/response that would help me with following.

Assume we have x amount of web api calls that return observables Observable<cs[]>…

  init() {
      next: (as) => { = as;
          next: (bs) => {
   = bs;
              next: (cs) => {
                this.cs = cs;
              error: (e) => this.notification.showError('Failed to load cs! Error: ' + e.messageerror)
          error: (e) => this.notification.showError('Failed to load bs! Error: ' + e.messageerror)
      error: (e) => this.notification.showError('Failed to load as! Error: ' + e.messageerror)

Function restructureABCs() depends on as/bs & cs.
as, bs & cs don’t depend on each other.
Current implementation is ugly and can be improved but I’m not sure which operator I should use. It doesn’t make sense to me to use concatMap as (according to my possibly flawed understanding) multiple streams are going to be merged into one, which I don’t want.
All I need is to make sure that as/bs & cs are loaded before restructureABCs() function is invoked.

Angular13, rxjs7.4

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