Angular service injecting another service (both children of same abstract class) can’t access injected service’s methods ("reading undefined")


I have multiple services handling notably API requests for different resources. As they’re very similar, I created a parent abstract generic class like this:

abstract class GenericService<T>{
    abstract bar();

But they’re also highly interconnected so I have a lot of them injected into others:

class R1Service extends GenericService<R1>{
    bar(){/*do something*/};

class R2Service extends GenericService<R2>{
    constructor(private r1: R1Service){}
    bar(){; //ERROR

I’m getting

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'foo')

It seems that this.r1 is undefined is some contexts, but I fail to see a logic. I have logged the injected services in the constructor and I see them correctly, and then when a third (unrelated) service calls, that calls, which in turn calls where the issue happens, and logs show r1 as undefined even though it wasn’t in the preceding log.

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