Angular reactive forms checkbox validations


I’m trying to make a required validation to my checkboxes.

My TS file :

public colors: Array<any> = [
     { description: 'White', value: 'White' },
     { description: 'Black', value: 'Black' },
     { description: 'Blue', value: 'Blue' },
     { description: 'Green', value: 'Green' },
     { description: 'Yellow', value: 'Yellow' },
     { description: 'Red', value: 'Red' },
    private formBuilder: FormBuilder,
    private heroService: HeroService,
    private toastr: ToastrService
  ) {

ngOnInit(): void {}

fromInit() {
  this.heroCreateForm ={
    suitColors: new FormArray([], [Validators.required]),

onCheckChange(event) {
  const formArray: FormArray = this.heroCreateForm.get(
  ) as FormArray;

  if ( {
    formArray.push(new FormControl(;
  } else {
    let i: number = 0;

    formArray.controls.forEach((ctrl: FormControl) => {
      if (ctrl.value == {

invalidSuitColorsMessage() {
   // this function doesn't work
   if (this.suitColors.errors?.required)
      return "You must choose the hero's suit colors";

My HTML file :

<div class="main-content">
  <form [formGroup]="heroCreateForm" (ngSubmit)="createHero()">
    <div class="container">

      <div class="input-container-suitColors-input">
        <label><b>Suit colors: </b></label>
        <ng-container *ngFor="let color of colors; let i=index">
          <div class="radio-contatiner">
            <input type="checkbox"

      <div class="invalid-input-message"
           *ngIf="suitColors.touched && suitColors.invalid">{{invalidSuitColorsMessage()}}</div>

// here is the issue. I'm getting here an error


      <button type="submit"


Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘touched’)

I do understand why it does work. I search online and didn’t find any solution to my issue.

I’m trying to show a message if the required error happens on those checkboxes

Does anyone can take a look and explain to me why does it happen and how should I fix it?

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