directive for reactive form validation not working


I am trying to implement required field validation using directive and its not working. I need to apply the class to highlight the box red based on validation run. At the moment it looks like the requirefieldvalidator is not getting triggered. Not sure what is wrong here. Is it fine using it in the ngClass like the way I have done.

This is what I have tried

  <label>Phone number</label>
     <input type="text" placeholder="Phone number" formControlName="phoneNo"  [ngClass]="{'isError' : 'requiredFieldValidator  [submitted] = submitted'}" />


    selector: '[requiredFieldValidator]',
    providers: [{ provide: NG_VALIDATORS, useExisting: RequiredFieldValidatorDirective , multi: true}]
export class RequiredFieldValidatorDirective implements Validator {
    @Input() submitted: boolean = false;

    validate(control: AbstractControl): { [key: string]: any } {
        return (this.submitted || control.touched) && control.errors?.required;

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