SortPipe passing parameter

import { Pipe, PipeTransform } from '@angular/core';
import { courses } from '../interface/courses';

  name: 'sort'
export class SortPipe implements PipeTransform {
  transform(value: Array<courses>, args: any[]): Array<courses> {
    const sortField = args[0];
      const sortDirection = args[1];
      let multiplier = 1;

       if (sortDirection === 'desc') {
         multiplier = -1;
      value.sort((a: any, b: any) => {
       if (a[sortField] < b[sortField]) {
            return -1 *multiplier ;
       } else if (a[sortField]> b[sortField]) {
         return 1 *multiplier;
       } else {
         return 0;

    return value;

this is the sort pipe iam using for my application, I need to pass sortFiled category as parameter from the below interface list

export interface courses {
  courseId?: number;
  trainingPlatform: string;
  courseName: string;
  platformName: string;
  courseUrl: string;
  learningHours: number;
  courseAssignment: {
    assignmentId: number;
    userId: string;
    startDate: Date;
    endDate: Date;
    category: string;
    trainingType: string;
    courseId: number;
    courseStatus: string;
    completedDateTime: Date;

I tried to pass like this courseAssignment.category and also course.courseAssignment.category both are not working need some help

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