Angular x Firebase, firebase wont output data in DOM, ‘GET request’


I have a realtime database in Firebase, and the POST request works, When I want to get the info from the database and GET it into the HTML file, it wont work and in the console its showing me this error: "Cannot find a differ supporting object ‘[object Object]’ of type ‘object’. NgFor only supports binding to Iterables such as Arrays."


//GET users
  getUsers() {
    return this.http
        map((res) => {
          return res;


newUser: any;

//I have called it in 'ngOnInit' too.
getAllUsers() {
    this.http.getUsers().subscribe((res) => {
      this.newUser = res;


      <tr *ngFor="let list of newUser">
        <th scope="row">{{ }}</th>
        <td>{{ list.user }}</td>
        <td>{{ list.mail }}</td>

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