using setTimeout to reload child component instead of ngOnChanges inside it


Maybe for someone, this question will sound a little dumb. For me, is an unexpected behavior because I reuse a child component and I found that the data inside it are not updated when I change the source from parent. Because I don’t want to implement ngOnChanges there (I try to avoid using it how much I can), an idea appear in my mind: use a boolean to hide and render the template again. But because the process is too fast, this will not emit. So, I need to use a setTimeout there (100ms are enough). But is this approach ok? This is my question. I tried to use changeDetectionRef, but still don’t work, because inside the child component, all the logic are inside ngOnInit method, so will be fired only when the component is initialized.

   *ngIf="selectedView && !reloadChart"
   <fa-icon style="position: absolute; top: 4px; left: 4px;"

Because selectedView get same chartType, it will not update the chart data, so inside the selectView method, I added timeout:

selectView(view: View): void {
    this.reloadChart = true;
    this.widget.viewId =;
    this.widget.requestType = view.requestType;
    this.selectedView = view;

    // stuff

    // this will force to render again the child component, 
    // because for 100ms, the reloadChart field will be true
    setTimeout(() => {
      this.reloadChart = false;;
    }, 100);

Inside visualization panel is the problem (code displayed above). When I select one of the widgets from the carousel, it will change the child component to selectedWidget.chartType (app-pie-chart, app-line-chart, app-table-widget). The problem is when previous chart have same type as current chart, because inside the [ngSwitch] will remain same case. I don’t want to modify the child component, but want to render it again inside the parent.


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