Ionic/Angular page not update


I use Ionic 5 and angular .My page bind to an object((Person)).when I select data from websql my object is update but page is not update until I click menu or other control

//this code is in my component in the click button
//jsonData initial

jsonData["SelectFunctionInSuccess"] = (result)=>{
      this.Person.Id = result[0].Id;
      this.Person.Code = result[0].Code;
      this.Person.Name = result[0].Name;
      this.Person.Family = result[0].Family;
this.crudManager.SelectData(jsonData);//<= this is call websql

//in the websql class
// QueryStatement is declare and set correct it is string variable

this.db.readTransaction(function (tx) {

            tx.executeSql(QueryStatement, [], function (tr, results) {

        }, this.getError);

Select run and I get data. Person is update but html is not update

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