Angular9 canActivateChild starts before canActivate finished


I have routing-module file with these routes:

const routes: Routes = [

        path: '',
        component: MainComponent,
        canActivate: [LoadDataGuard, ConfigureJsGuard],
        canActivateChild: [EnterChildGuard],
        canDeactivate: [CleanupJsGuard],
        data: {
            modelService: ModelService,
        } ,
        children: [
                component: ChildComponent,

In LoadDataGuard I write a canActivate function which calls to enterTab function (enterTab manage the data of childComponent ,
this is my code:

canActivate(route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot, state: RouterStateSnapshot): Observable<boolean> {
        return this.modelService.loadData()
                 tap(data => {
                map(data => true),
                catchError(err => this.handleError(err))

this is enterTab function

 private async enterTab(modelService: TabRepository) {
        if (modelService.enterTab) {
            return await modelService.enterTab();

in modelService:

enterTab() {
            return this.modelApiService.getModelMetaData()
                .pipe(tap((result: any): Observable<any> => {
                        this.modelMetaData =;-> this data received after canActivateChild starts.!!!

in canActivateChild I am using modelService.modelMetaData but it is undefined because the child component loads before canActivate of the parent finish.

how can I resolve this problem?

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