How can we redirect to required angular page (routing page) from spring boot controller – angular integrated inside spring boot


I have integrated angular application inside spring boot application.. i.e. angular build files are placed inside static folder of spring boot application like following image.
enter image description here

I have defined two angular routing urls like

 1. http://localhost:8080/pageone
 2. http://localhost:8080/pagetwo

when I access above urls from browser, which are handled by server (spring boot application) directly and not by the angular. so I end up in page not found.

We can redirect to index page from spring boot like this

public RedirectView welcome(RedirectAttributes attributes) {
    //attributes.addFlashAttribute("flashAttribute", "redirectWithRedirectView");
    //attributes.addAttribute("pageToRequest", "paymentoverview");
    return new RedirectView("index.html");

but we can only redirect to index.html page not to routing urls "/pageone" or "/pagetwo".

I don’t want to end up in index page.

Somehow I wan't to end up in respective page that I accessed from browser automatically, 
even after redirect to index page also fine.

I tried to send attributes along with index.html, but it doesn’t work.
How can we fix this problem.

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