Angular Guard doesnt work with rxjs filter


iam trying to use RouteGuard in my app to prevent unauthorized users from accessing it. My can activate method in Guard looks like this:

route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot,
state: RouterStateSnapshot): Observable<boolean | UrlTree> {
  return this.statusService.appStatus.pipe(filter(status=>{
    return status.selectedAgency!=null;
      return true;
      return false;

Iam trying to filter default value from appStatus observable, because its null for selectedAgency. The problem is that it doesnt work – if i use filter method, guard just receives nothing – even the console.log in map method doesnt occur. Any ideas what am i doing wrong? Why it doesnt wait for result? StatusService looks like this:

export class StatusService {
  private statusSubj= new BehaviorSubject<AppStatus>({selectedMonth:new Date(new Date().getFullYear(),new Date().getMonth()),selectedAgency:null});

  get appStatus(){
    return this.statusSubj.asObservable();


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