Visual studio 2022 locks when my friend set my Angular project as startup project


Ive been developing a new Angular frontend following this tutorial:

The tutorial tells me to run Visual Studio 2022, so thats what I do. Both the tutorial and
Visual Studio 2022 seems to work perfectly for me. Worth saying is that I do this project as a subproject, where we have several projects. So this is just one project of our entire solution.

So as I said everything works fine for me. But when my collegue checks out my code to run it on his copy of Visual Studio 2022 Release Candidate, he first has to set my project as startup project. And everytime he does so his entire computer locks….

Could this be my code (That works flawlessly on my computer)? or could it be some propery in visual studio? Or could it even be a bug in Visual Studio?

May I add that I can set any project as startup project flawlessly on my computer. And like him I also run the 2022 release canditate, because thats what the tutorial tells us to do.

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