How can I bind data in ngFor?


I have a problem in input text, when I write in one input it changes in the other input as well ! how can I fix that !
HTML code:

  <mat-expansion-panel  class="childPanel" [expanded]="true" hideToggle disabled style=" background:#F2EDFF;" *ngFor="let i of listSousCategorie"   >
            <div class="childPanel_body2 mat-badge-large" fxLayout="row" fxFlex fxLayoutAlign="start center"  >
              <div style="padding-left:1em" fxFlex="grow" >{{i.libelle}} {{}}</div>
              <mat-form-field  >
                <form [formGroup]="form" (ngSubmit)="onSubmit(">
                <input  type="text" matInput  formControlName="Note" [(ngModel)]="Note" >

TS Code:


     ngOnInit() {
        this.form ={
          Note: [''],
              onSubmit(id:number) {
                  let obj = this.form.value;
                  obj.Note = this.Note;
                  this.LExamenSousCategorieService.updateSouCategorie(obj,id).then(res => {

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