TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined


Working in Angular 12 and experiencing an error when I attempt to call a method within another method. Here’s an abstraction of what I’m dealing with (in TypeScript as I am in Angular

doSomething() {
  this.doSomethingElse("Myfirstname", "Mylastname")

doSomethingElse(firstname, lastname) {
  return (firstname + lastname)

When I run this I get a TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined. If I include the doSomethingElse function in any of the other functions defined in my class I have no issue and it works as expected. The only other thing of note is that the function where I’m having this issue doSomething() is used as a callback by an external library and that seems to be what is throwing the error whenever I include any reference to something ‘outside’ of doSomething in the doSomething function. Any thoughts would be appreciated

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