Matomo – Angular: tracking page views & events only partially working


Using ngx-matomo I’ve setup some test events and page views which are registering in the Matomo dashboard and clearly visible when I click “view user profile”. However, these navigations and events are not showing up in the Matomo “behaviour” tab under “pages” or “events”

This is the module setup:

  scriptUrl: `${matomoUrl}/matomo.js`,
  trackers: [
      trackerUrl: `${matomoUrl}/matomo.php`,
      siteId: 3
  routeTracking: { enable: true }

and on every NavigationEnd I’m logging a page view, which is being executed on every navigation:

  trackPageView(page: string) {
    this.matomoTracker.trackPageView();   }

this is used for event tracking:

this.matomoTracker.trackEvent(category, action, name, value);

Why are these page views and events only showing up on the dashboard, but not under behaviour?
Yes, I’m looking at the right day & website, stuff is showing up, just not where it should be.
Thanks very much, completely stuck here.

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