How to reactivate deleted item


I am working on a web app and I need to implement reactivation of deleted items.
I have a method that checks if the item exists already:

        item: string
    ): Observable<any> {
        if (item) {
            return this.http.get<any>(
                this.existenceUrl + item

and its interface looks like this

export interface ItemExistence {
    short: string;
    exists: boolean;
    isActive: boolean;
    isDeleted: boolean;
    deletedItemsId: number;

When this method says that item isDeleted: true then I need to call reactivateItem().

My issue is that I only have

        costObject: IItem
    ): Observable<any> {
        return this.http.get(this.url, costObject)

Please help.
So far I have this:

const input = this.form.get('short').value;

                .subscribe((existence: any) => {
                    this.itemsExistence =;
                    if (this.itemsExistence.isDeleted) {

reactivateItem(): void {
                - here I should implement reactivation of item with create method but I don't know how
            .subscribe(data => console.log(data);

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