Subject vs BehaviorSubject in Angular


I am passing data between 2 independent components using shared service. When I used a subject in my shared service, I could not see the subscribed data in html of the subscribed component but could see it in the console after subscribing.
Whereas if I use Behaviorsubject, it worked fine.
Can anyone explain me the reason for this.


  //code with subject (not working)
  private msgStatistics = new Subject<any>();
      msgStatistics$ = this.msgStatistics.asObservable();
      msgStats(message) {

    //code with BehaviorSubject (working)
    private msgStatistics = new BehaviorSubject<Object>(null);
      msgStatistics$ = this.msgStatistics.asObservable();
      msgStats(message) {


this.shared_service.msgStatistics$.subscribe(res => {
        this.message = res

the above console is printing the value of message in both the cases but it is not rendering in html for subject.

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