PrimeNg custom validation using CSS


I am using validationFlag in my TS code. Based on this I want to validate and focus PrimeNG elements (p-dropdown, p-autocomplete). I have tried below approach seems not working. However if I try similar on HTML elements then it works. Has anyone faced similar issues?
None of below working –

<p-dropdown placeholder="1" [ngStyle]=" {‘border-color’:’red’}" >

<p-dropdown placeholder="2" [style]="{‘border-color’:’red’}" >

<p-dropdown placeholder="3" name = "val" id = "val" [style] =" mandatoryFlag==’set’ ? {‘border-color’:’red’} : {‘border-color’:’blue’} " >

<p-dropdown placeholder="4" name = "val" id = "val" [ngStyle] =" mandatoryFlag==’set’ ? {‘border-color’:’red’} : {‘border-color’:’blue’} " >

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