Quill adds empty lines after 1 empty line, ngx-quill


"ngx-quill": "^7.3.9",
I add one empty line between paragraphs
enter image description here

And after saving it becomes:
enter image description here

Project is on Angular 2+
I tried:

    ::ng-deep .ngx-quill-editor
    p > br
      display: none
      margin-bottom: 1rem

But this doesn’t allow make 2 paragraps without vertical space between it

Also I tried to solve it with js

private removeExcessEmptyLine() {
    const quillContainer = this.elemRef.nativeElement.querySelector('.ngx-quill-editor .ql-editor');
    if (quillContainer) {
      const paragraphs = quillContainer.querySelectorAll('p');
      if (paragraphs) {
        paragraphs.forEach((p, index, pArr) => {
          if (p && p.innerHTML === '<br>') {
            if (pArr[index + 1] && pArr[index + 1].innerHTML === '<br>') {
              pArr[index + 1].style.display = 'none';

  ngAfterViewChecked() {

But it generates hundreds of


with style display:none, bad perfomance

Also I tried
ngx-quill-editor(formControlName="text", [modules]="config", [preserveWhitespace]="true")
but [preserveWhitespace]="true" doesn’t work too.

I don’t know, what to do. Please, help

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