How to change the color of the button in green if the user enters an exact value?


The user should enter 7 figures in the input, then the user enters 7 figures, the button should becomes green. I don’t know if it’s possible to make it in Angular?

I don’t see how to transform the button in green ?

Here is my code below

<input type="text" class="inputSignInAccess" [(ngModel)]="otp" >
    <div class="error" style="color: red;">
      <div *ngIf="otp?.length > 7 ">
          You need 7 digits

        <div *ngIf="otp.length != 0 && otp?.length < 7 ">
              You need 7 digits

    <div class="inputButtons ">

The code is also on Stackblitz

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