Best way to handle msal redirect errors from the Msal2Provider in an angular project?


i am using the @microsoft/mgt libraries in order to use the Msal2Provider, people picker, and teams channel picker features. Everything is going great but I would like for our app to not crash if there ever is an error signing in to microsoft to retrieve the MSAL token using:

   Providers.globalProvider = new Msal2Provider({
      clientId: 'my-client-id',
      scopes: [`my-scopes`],
      authority: 'my-authority',
      redirectUri: '/',
      loginType: LoginType.Redirect
    const msalProvider = Providers.globalProvider;

There is only a small part of or app that needs the mgt-toolkit components so it would be a waste if the app cannot start at all if the login to microsoft fails.

I was hoping for something like:

msalProvider.onAuthorizationError((): void => this.myHandleErrorFunction());

or something similar to how we can hook into the provider’s state changes

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