How to assign and use runtime config values in App.module in angular


I have a situation where i need to replace some of the hardcoded values with config.json values in the app.module. can we do that ?

am able to add APP_INITIALIZER and useFactory and able to inject service in other components and that is working fine but not able to achieve with in app.module.

I want to replace some of the MSAL client and other properties with runtime config that i created in APP module but it is giving CE.

    let appConfig: ConfigType;
    const appInitializerFn = (configService: ConfigService)=>{
      return () => {
        appConfig = configService.getConfig();
    export function MSALInstanceFactory(configService: ConfigService): IPublicClientApplication {
      return new PublicClientApplication({
        auth: {
          clientId: configService.getConfig().clientId, //I need to replace like this but not working 
          authority: '',
          redirectUri: 'http://localhost:4200'
        cache: {
          cacheLocation: 'localStorage',
          storeAuthStateInCookie: isIE, // Set to true for Internet Explorer 11
      declarations: [
      imports: [
              provide: APP_INITIALIZER,
              useFactory: appInitializerFn,
              multi: true,
              deps: [ConfigService]
          provide: MSAL_INSTANCE,
          useFactory: MSALInstanceFactory
  bootstrap: [AppComponent, MsalRedirectComponent] // MsalRedirectComponent bootstrapped here
export class AppModule { }

am getting below compile time errors :

rror: src/app/app.module.ts:49:11 – error TS2322: Type ‘string | undefined’ is not assignable to type ‘string’.
Type ‘undefined’ is not assignable to type ‘string’.

49 clientId: appConfig.clientId,

21     clientId: string;

The expected type comes from property ‘clientId’ which is declared here on type ‘BrowserAuthOptions’

Error: src/app/app.module.ts:49:21 – error TS2454: Variable ‘appConfig’ is used before being assigned.

49 clientId: appConfig.clientId,

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