main.js not accessible for angular

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I was able to deploy my apps on cloud and have registered them through a container app…

        "imports": {
          "app1": "http://test-app1:80/main-es2015.js",
          "login": "http://srt-login:80/main-es2015.js",
          "nav-bar": "http://srt-navbar:80/main-es2015.js",
          "single-spa": "",
          "single-spa-layout": "[email protected]/dist/system/single-spa-layout.min.js"

when i hit the url of the main container app it is unable to load the app1 and navbar.. Uncaught Error: application ‘app1’ died in status LOADING_SOURCE_CODE: Error loading http://test-app1:80/main-es2015.js

There are two main files generated for each application main-es2015.js and main-es5.js. Is there any difference between the two.

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