How do I mock hybrid type interfaces with Jasmine?

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I am trying to mock ScaleTime<...> hybrid type interface from d3.js. It goes like this:

export interface ScaleTime<Range, Output, Unknown = never> {
  (value: Date | NumberValue): Output | Unknown;
  invert(value: NumberValue): Date;
  // ...

I can create a spy object for the methods:

const scaleTimeSpy = jasmine.createSpyObj('ScaleTime', ['invert' /*...*/]);
scaleTimeSpy.ticks.and.returnValue([date1, date2]);

And I can create a spy for interface call signature (value: Date | NumberValue): Output | Unknown;):

const scaleTimeFuncionSpy = jasmine.createSpy('ScaleTime');

But how do I combine both in one object? How do I refer an interface call signature?

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