Domain forwarding to Linux Server with Angular SSL

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  • i own the Domain "" provided by
  • i have a SSL certificate for "" and "".
  • The user shall be directed from the domain to a Linux Server with the IP (not the real IP).
  • The Server has an Angular 10 App running with "http-server ./dist -p 80 –ssl true"

My Problem:

The certificate does not work.

What i tried:

  1. Redirect from the Domain to the Server with the address http(s):// -> Man in the middle Problem; User gets a warning
  2. Change the DNS (A IPv4 Address) to (plain without any http(s):// -> User gets no warning but also not the green icon

What i wish for:

a short solution where i have gone astray, is it the CNAME instead of the "A (IPv4 Address)" i need to change? Did i forget a https:// in the entry?

What do i need to do in order to redirect my users from / to my Angular 10 App in a way that the certificate is up and running in the correct way.

Thank you for your input!

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