How can I resolve get is not defined of my quilljs function


I want to add MS Word formatting in my quill.js so I find this function

public static updateQuillInstance(quillInstance) {
    quillInstance.clipboard.addMatcher(Node.ELEMENT_NODE, (node, delta) => {
      return this.msftFormattingMatcher(node, delta);

private static msftFormattingMatcher(node, delta) {
    const htmlElementWithMetadata = node.ownerDocument.activeElement;
    const allOpSpanElementsNested: any[] = get(htmlElementWithMetadata, 'children[0].children', []);
    const allOpSpanElements: any[] = [];
    // superscript styling is nested as a child element unlike the others... need to parse
    for (let i = 0; i < allOpSpanElementsNested.length; i++) {
      if (allOpSpanElementsNested[i].children.length < 1) {
      } else {

    const op = delta && delta.ops && delta.ops[0];
    if (op) {
      const correspondingSpan = find(allOpSpanElements, el => {
        return op.insert === el.innerText;

      if (correspondingSpan) {
        this.setQuillStyles(op, correspondingSpan);
    return delta;

private static setQuillStyles(op, correspondingSpan) {
    const verticalAlign =;
    if (verticalAlign === 'super' || verticalAlign === 'sub') {
      assign(op.attributes, {script: verticalAlign});

    const fontFamilyMap = {
      // TODO: This can be automatically built from the whitelist
      Arial: 'arial',
      Georgia: 'georgia',
      'Courier New': 'courier-new',
      'Comic Sans MS': 'comic-sans-ms', // except this one -_-
      Impact: 'impact',
      'Lucida Console': 'lucida-console',
    const fontFamily =;
    const font = fontFamily && fontFamilyMap[fontFamily.replace(/"/gi, '')];
    if (font) {
      assign(op.attributes, {font});

I replace private static and public static by function but when I paste text in my quill.js editor I have the error get is not defined.

Someone have any idea how can I change my code to make it works ?

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