How to test subscription inside method


Consider this angular component:

export class CheckoutComponent {
  constructor(private paymentService: PaymentService, private paymentModalService: PaymentModalService) {}

  public onCheckout(): void {
    const paymentStatus$: Observable<string> = this.paymentService.getStatus();

    const paymentRequired$ = paymentStatus$.pipe(map(paymentStatus => paymentStatus === 'INCOMPLETE'));

    paymentRequired$.subscribe(() => {;

I’m trying to write a jasmine test to confirm that was called:

import { cold } from 'jasmine-marbles';

describe('CheckoutComponent', () => {
  let component: CheckoutComponent;
  let mockPaymentService: jasmine.SpyObj<PaymentService>;
  let mockPaymentModalService: jasmine.SpyObj<PaymentModalService>;

  beforeEach(() => {
    mockPaymentService = jasmine.createSpyObj(['getStatus']);
    mockPaymentModalService = jasmine.createSpyObj(['open']);
    component = new CheckoutComponent(mockPaymentService, mockPaymentModalService);

  it('should open payment modal if required', () => {
    mockPaymentService.getStatus.and.returnValue(cold('a', { a: 'INCOMPLETE' }));

    expect(; // FAIL: was never called

However the open method was apparently never called.

Is there any way to wait for the cold test observable to complete emit before asserting that the method has been called?

I’ve tried using fakeAsync and tick but it does not either seem to help. I realize it works with of() instead of a TestColdObservable, but I would like more granular control of observable behavior. I don’t really intend to complete the getStatus() observable.

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Try returning a dummy value from your mocked mockPaymentModalService

For example:;

This applies even if your real service returns void.

Your main question is:

I would like more granular control of observable behavior. I don’t really intend to complete the getStatus() observable.

If you do not want to complete it then it essentially is not a cold observable, its a hot observable, that would mean you can create a subject and pass

   var sub = new Subject();
    // run method and let it subscribe 
// fire it'a', { a: 'INCOMPLETE' });

I would suggest you go through the document of how to write component test-cases:
Angular guide to writing test cases

In your current method of testing you won’t be able to run component life-cyle, and instead would be running them manually and skip on real-life test cases.
It is fine for service but not components.

Lisa Funk

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