Protractor element finder is not getting element

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I run an Angular 6 e2e using protractor.
It logs in just fine, but in the callback it doesn’t click the button even though it’s there.

describe('my test', () => {
  let loginPage: LoginPage;
  beforeEach(() => {
    loginPage = new LoginPage();

  // #1 login test
  it('should open modal in desktop', () => {
    loginPage.login(, environment.e2e.user.password);
    loginPage.verifySuccessfullLogin().then(() => {

      console.log('After verifySuccessfullLogin');
      await browser.sleep(1000);
      console.log('after waiting 1000 ms');
      //At this point I can see the button in the browser
      const btn = element('sendCheckBtnDesktop'));

      //Nothing from the following is working;



The Html:

<button id="sendCheckBtnDesktop" _ngcontent-c8="" class="btn btn-lg btn-primary col-3 ng-star inserted"
  ><span _ngcontent-c8="">Open</span>

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