Dynamically create tabs with Angular slickgrid and ngfor in Angular Slickgrid Example 24


I need a page with tabs similar to Example 24 in Angular Slickgrid, where the content of each tab is a grid. The number of tabs can vary, so I need to make it dynamic.

Hence, I used the example as a basis to find out what to do. First I modified ngOnInit:

ngOnInit(): void {

    // mock some data (different in each dataset)
    this.dataset1 = this.mockData();

    // load data with Http-Client
   this.http.get((URL_CUSTOMERS)).subscribe((data: any[]) => this.dataset2 = data);

   this.gridOptions3 = this.gridOptions1;
   this.columnDefinitions3 = this.columnDefinitions1;
   this.dataset3 = this.mockData();

    this.paras = [
         {tab:"tab1x", grName:"grid1", cD: this.columnDefinitions1, gO: this.gridOptions1, dS: this.dataset1},
         {tab:"tab2x", grName:"grid2", cD: this.columnDefinitions2, gO: this.gridOptions2, dS: this.dataset2},
         {tab:"tab3x", grName:"grid3", cD: this.columnDefinitions3, gO: this.gridOptions3, dS: this.dataset3}

In the template I used the object with *ngFor:

          <div *ngFor="let obj of paras; let i = index">
           [heading]="obj.grName" [id]="obj.tab">
                <h4>Grid {{i+1}} - Load Local Data</h4>
                <angular-slickgrid [gridId]="obj.grName"

Instead of getting 3 tabs, each tab containing a single grid,
I get 3 tabs with identical content, each tab contains all 3 grids.

Where is the mistake?

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As proposed by Raphael I replaced tabset with the Nav directives.

After installing ng-bootstrap according to the instructions

the following ng-bootstrap-example based code in the template did the job

<ul ngbNav #nav="ngbNav" class="nav-tabs">
    <ng-container ngbNavItem *ngFor="let obj of paras; let i = index">
        <a ngbNavLink>{{obj.grName}}</a>
        <ng-template ngbNavContent>
        <angular-slickgrid [gridId]="obj.grName"
<div [ngbNavOutlet]="nav" class="mt-2"></div>

Thanks Raphael and Ghislain for your comments!

Mr. Lemuel Morar

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