Mat-error not working properly with mat-select

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I’m making a form and I want to add an error throw if there is no value.

For the text inputs it’s okay, but with the <mat-select> it’s not working.

Here is the declaration of the mat-select in the .ts file :

        id: 'role',
        label: marker('USER.role'),
        type: 'select',
        values: [],
        control: new FormControl('', [Validators.required]),
        required: true

And the HTML :

<mat-form-field class="block" *ngIf="field.type == 'select'">
    <mat-label>{{ field.label | translate }}</mat-label>
    <mat-select [(value)]="field.control.value" [required]="field.required">
        <mat-option *ngFor="let option of field.values" [value]="option['id']">{{ option['label'] }}</mat-option>
    <mat-error *ngIf="field.control.invalid">{{ getErrorMessage( }}</mat-error>

The getErrorMessage is like this :

getErrorMessage(field: any) {
    let error = undefined;
    this.userForm.forEach(element => {
        if( == field)
            if (element.required){
                error = this.translate.instant('AUTH.field_required');
    return error


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