Font awesome icons disappeared while Angular upgrade from 8 to 11 with Nebular theme

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We are upgrading our existing application from Angular 8 to Angular 11. We have successfully upgraded Angular but we are facing issue with Nebular.

Earlier we were using Angular 8 , Nebular 4.1.2, Font Awesome Pro 5.9.0 and we use nebular menu with use of font-awesome icon. It was working fine. Please see below screenshot

enter image description here

We also noticed that it applies some classes as shown in below screenshot

enter image description here

Now we are working on upgrade with Angular 11.2.5, Nebular 7.0.0, Font Awesome Pro 5.15.3 and we use same nebular menu with use of font-awesome icon. But now it does not renders icon and even we are not able to see that classes which were applied in previous version. Please see below screenshots

enter image description here

enter image description here

To use font-awesome with nebular we follow below link:

We have tried to create a new sample project with use of latest version but in that sample we face same problem.

We have uploaded that sample project to gitlab and created Development branch. If anyone can help that it will be very helpful to us.

We have followed so many blog and try to implement everything but we did not get success.

Can you please help us to resolve issue as soon as possible?

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