ANGULAR & IONIC5: Sound to play and dim other sounds like spotify,

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Newbie in IONIC here.

I have a timer app in IONIC. I need to play a beep sound on the round end.

I need the sound to dim any other sound that is playing in the background so that I can play mine.

I have used both IONIC media and NativeAudio for this, but haven’t gotten what I needed.

The problem with IONIC media is that it stops background sound (like spotify music), beeps and then music stays paused.

The problem with IONIC NativeAudio is that it does not pause the music, but there are no sound when the phone is in silent mode (which is not a problem with IONIC media). Also, it plays along side the loud music and the users cannot hear the beep. It should dim spotify music and play the beep sound and the return to full volume with the music.

Google maps is an example of this, during navigation speech, the music dims and we can clearly hear the navigation speech and then the music returns to normal.

I would really like a solution to this, Thanks in advance.

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