angular primeng picklist styling broken after upgrading from 9 to 11

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I’ve just upgraded primeng on my app from 9 to 11. Went through the migration guide, changed the imports, changed the classes from u to p, etc. Everything looks fine for the most part, except for the pick list.

this is what it looks like:

<p-pickList [source]="data" [target]="selectedItems" filterBy="value">
  <ng-template let-item pTemplate="item">              
    <div class="p-helper-clearfix">
      <div >{{ item.value }}

here’s how it looked before (v9) (boxes would keep the width value, add horizontal scroll bar if needed):
enter image description here

and here’s how it looks after the upgrade (v11) (boxes shrink and expand depending on the values):
enter image description here

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