Angular tree table options [closed]

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we are currently using ag-grid for all our tree/table views, but because tree view is now part of enteprise version, considering using other library.

However for our tree view we aslo need a treetable option.

Open source/free library would be the best option but paid (less expensive than ag-grid-enterprise) is also an option.

I have found primefaces primeNG and it (looks good and) has all the features that we need:

  • tree view
  • treetable view
  • sorting, filtering, reordering columns
  • custom cell rendering
  • scrolling using virtual html (can display many rows)

I would like to hear if you have positive or negative experiences with primeNG (only treetable componenet importatn for us)?

Are you have any good alternatives?

It is of course important is that the library is "alive" => actively developed and maintatined.

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