Leader lines inside scrollable div

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I am working on an angular application. I am using leaderlines in my application. my code is as follows:

import 'leader-line';
declare let LeaderLine: any;
     @ViewChildren('abc') myLeaderLines: QueryList<ElementRef>;
  @ViewChild('source', { static: false }) source: ElementRef;
     public myLines = [];
     this.myLeaderLines.forEach(ele => {
          this.myLines .push(new LeaderLine(ele.nativeElement, this.source.nativeElement))

in HTML where ever lines are required I gave #abc or #source and I am able to draw line. I am dragging and dropping cards in a div. The problem is after a max height my element becomes scrollable as I am using overflow-y: scroll and in this case leader lines are going out of div and spreading over over parts of page. I want leader lines for each dropped elements inside scroll bar only. How can I do that?

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