How to rewrite rxjs code without making calls within the subcribe method?

Hi I am having an angular 5 project and rxjs library used. i have code snippet below. I would like to rewrite in a better way.

 export class AccountDetailsComponent implements OnInit {
     ngOnInit() {
            tap(paramMap => { = paramMap.get('id') }),
            switchMap(paramMap =>
                  catchError(error => {
                    return _throw(error);
            ([account, users]) => {
              this.isLoading = false;
              this.account = account;
             let hasTransactionalReportingEnabled : boolean = this.account.features.some( feature => feature.code === FeatureCode.TRANSACTIONAL_REPORTING);
              if(hasTransactionalReportingEnabled) {
                   (accountEsmeGroup) => {
                     this.accountEsmeGroup = accountEsmeGroup;
              this.users = users;
            () => {
              this.isLoading = false;

In the account-details.component.ts class have an ngOnInit() method. Its two http service calls using rxjs forkJoin function namely, this.accountsService.get(paramMap.get(‘id’)) & this.accountsService.getAccountUsers(paramMap.get(‘id’)) . Then in the subcribe I am making another call this.accountsService.getAccountEsmeGroup(, only if the variable hasTransactionalReportingEnabled expression is true. Is there any better way to rewrite the above snippet of code in rxjs. I am not sure it is good idea to make another call in the subscribe method.

appreciate if you can help

thank you

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