How to map two Oberservable arrays based on a value?

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I have two observable arrays.

habits$: Observable<Habit[]>;
status$: Observable<Status[]>;

The habit has the following structure:

export interface Habit {
  habitId: number;
  name: string;
  repeatVal: number;
  notification: string;
  color: string;
  question: string;
  id: number;

The status array has the habitId, date and status as keys.

I want to merge both habits$ and status$ into one Observable array based on the habitId attribute present in both of them.

I have done some research and a combination of mergeMap() and forkJoin() seems to be the way to go, like shown here
Combine multiple observable arrays into new object array

But I can’t figure out a syntax that will work for me.

This is how my code looks at the moment:

ngOnInit() {
this.habits$ = this.habitService.fetchAllById(this.authService.userId);
this.status$ = this.statusService.fetchAll();
  mergeMap(habits => {
  this.status$ = this.statusService.fetchAll().filter(status => status.habitId == habits.habitId);

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