Azure B2C Authentication (angular + .net core Web API) – Neither scope or roles claim was found in the bearer token

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i try to do an angular application with MSAL-angular and Azure B2C for authentication.
I am able to authenticate the angular app with Azure B2C (i have create a susi flow) and obtain the token as show in image below

Token aquisition

so i have create a .net core web api project and modify the appsetting configuration and the start up with this code :

appsetting.json :

    "AzureAdB2C": {
    "Instance": "https://{mytenat}",
    "ClientId": "8xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxc",
    "Domain": "{mytenat}",
    "SignUpSignInPolicyId": "B2C_1_susi"


            JwtSecurityTokenHandler.DefaultMapInboundClaims = false;

                    .AddMicrosoftIdentityWebApi(options =>
                        Configuration.Bind("AzureAdB2C", options);
                        options.TokenValidationParameters.RoleClaimType = "roles";
                        options.TokenValidationParameters.NameClaimType = "name";
                    options => { Configuration.Bind("AzureAdB2C", options); });

            // By default, the claims mapping will map claim names in the old format to accommodate older SAML applications.
            //'' instead of 'roles'
            // This flag ensures that the ClaimsIdentity claims collection will be build from the claims in the token
            JwtSecurityTokenHandler.DefaultMapInboundClaims = false;
            //services.Configure<JwtBearerOptions>(JwtBearerDefaults.AuthenticationScheme, options =>
            //    // The claim in the Jwt token where App roles are available.
            //    options.TokenValidationParameters.RoleClaimType = "roles";

but if i try to run localy the project and call it with postman i have this error :

**System.UnauthorizedAccessException: IDW10201: Neither scope or roles claim was found in the bearer token. **

i don’t understand where is the error.
can you help me?


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