Angular – Passing value from HTML to component does not work

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In my project I am trying to pass name from .html to .ts file.

In .html file I pass value to newValue method. In ts when I console.log the value of name, is displays nothing.

How can I make this work?


  newValue(name: string) {
  console.log(name); ------------------> displays nothing


  <dd id="{{genId(name.value)}}">
          <inline-concept-edit *ngIf="name.$new; else noValueExists" id="tane"
 [(field)]="name.value" [elementType]="record.finish"(fieldChange)="newValue(name)"></inline-concept-edit>
          <ng-template #noValueExists>
            <span *ngIf="!name.$new"
                  matTooltip="We cannot change the value"

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