How can I view script function value in html block in Angular application?


I want to show "timeStops" value in html block from the script.

"timeStops" is output as array and I want to show this array value in html block.

Output of timeStops:


My Code:

  function getTimeStops(start, end) {
      var startTime = moment(start, 'HH:mm');
      var endTime = moment(end, 'HH:mm');

      if (endTime.isBefore(startTime)) {
        endTime.add(1, 'day');

      var timeStops = [];

      while (startTime <= endTime) {
        timeStops.push(new moment(startTime).format('HH:mm'));
        startTime.add(15, 'minutes');
      return timeStops;

    var timeStops = getTimeStops('11:00', '02:00');
    console.log('timeStops ', timeStops);
    timeStops = getTimeStops('11:00', '23:59'); //Want to show this timeStops in html block
    console.log('timeStops ', timeStops);

  <p>I want to show "timeStops" value here from above script</p>

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