Angular hide div on scroll down, show div on show up

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I have make some research, just saw on window scroll event.
anyone have idea to make it on div scroll event?
i have tried many method, still can’t make it.
i have been stuck for few days.

If the div(content) scroll down hide header,
if the div(content) scroll up show header.
Hope someone can help me to solve this issue, Thank you very much


<header *ngIf="scroll">
    <app-toolbar (OpenDrawer)="OpenDrawer()"></app-toolbar>
<div class="app-body">
    <content  scrollEvents="true" scrolling>


import ...
enum VisibilityState {
  Visible = 'visible',
  Hidden = 'hidden'

enum Direction {
  Up = 'Up',
  Down = 'Down'

export class TabLayout implements OnInit {
    @Input() stickyHeader = false;
    scroll() {
        const scroll$ = fromEvent(this.el.nativeElement, 'scroll').pipe(
          map(() => this.el.nativeElement.pageYOffset),
          map(([y1, y2]): Direction => (y2 < y1 ? Direction.Up : Direction.Down)),

        const scrollUp$ = scroll$.pipe(
          filter(direction => direction === Direction.Up)

        const scrollDown = scroll$.pipe(
          filter(direction => direction === Direction.Down)

        scrollUp$.subscribe(() => (this.isVisible = true));
        scrollDown.subscribe(() => (this.isVisible = false));

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