Sass error on Angular update "@use is coming soon, but it’s not supported in this version of Dart Sass"

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I received an error message during an update of a project from Angular v7 to v8.

@use is coming soon, but it's not supported in this version of Dart Sass
  • I’m following the steps of Angular update instructions from 7.2 to 8.2, section "Before Updating" is done. The error appears in the first steps of the "During the Update" section.
  • The project previously used node-sass, ng8 now uses sass as part of the migration.
  • The package @angular-devkit/build-angular forces [email protected], but I’m reading @use isn’t available until [email protected].
  • @angular-devkit/[email protected] is the first version with sass newer than 1.22.9, but I’m assuming I should use it when upgrading ng from 8 to 9, and I’m not there yet.

I’m stuck here because I wish to build, run and review the app before continuing the upgrade process to ng 9. I didn’t know what I’m missing here.

Btw I think this is not the same scenario of the unanswered question 60030890 and probably doesn’t get solved the same way.

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