Using pages and components file structure in Angular

I have followed the file structure as explained on this page. There are components and pages folders for each feature modules that seems to be good approach in odder to split a page to its components and merge them in page component. However, I have never use a page approach before and need to be sure if the following approach is ok or not (it is just built by guess, not based on a proper approach):

  |---- components
     |---- component-a.html | ts
     |---- component-b.html | ts
  |---- pages
     |---- | ts

My questions are:

1. Is it good practice to use *.page for the pages that contains components in order to differentiate pages and components as shown below?

2. Is the following usage is correct or is there a better approach for this usage (pages and components folder structure as explained on this page)?


<p>This is component a</p>


export class AComponent {


<p>This is component b</p>


export class BComponent {


export class HomeComponent {

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